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WordPress Plugin Development

Need extra functionality for your website? I've worked with consultants, small business owners and large companies to create enterprise level plugins. I'm here to help you with that missing piece to make your life easier!

WP/Woo Website Development

Let me help you build trust and engagement with your clients. Websites help you build your brand and credibility with both existing and new customers. I'll create a custom e-commerce site that your customers return to again and again.

API Connections

Utilizing PHP, I can help you automate workflows, and also significantly enhance productivity and operational efficiency. The integration of these technologies is key in transforming how businesses operate and engage with their digital assets.

What Our Clients Have To Say


Sam S. (Cardsmiths Breaks)

I highly recommend Todd for his exceptional work in Backend WordPress Development. His innovative WooCommerce API solutions revolutionized our inventory system, saving me hundreds of hours over the years. His work with our mobile app has increased our customer engagement substantially. Todd's expertise in WordPress development, professionalism and "let's get it done" attitude has been invaluable. He's great to work with.


Hawkins (Vegas Geek)

I've had the pleasure of working with Todd for 20+ years. Whenever I have a problem I'm unable to solve, Todd is my go-to guy. He has a deep knowledge of WordPress, PHP, MySQL, and JS, and I've seen him build some amazing projects with them all.

John Wade

John W.

Todd impressed me with the wide range of technologies he implemented for my WordPress site. When I didn't know how to solve something he always had a solution and was able to explain it in a way I could understand. He has been transformative, not only enhancing our web development capabilities but also significantly increasing site traffic and user engagement.

Meet the Team

Hi, I'm Todd, a Senior Backend Full Stack WordPress & WooCommerce Developer.  I'm an expert in crafting innovative, scalable web solutions that drive business success. Chris is the No Code AI Automation expert, my Project Manager who leads the way in streamlining operations and enhancing productivity through cutting-edge artificial intelligence and automation technologies.


Todd Huish


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Chris Baker



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